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Setting Hand Lettering Goals – 2018

Happy New Year!!! It is finally 2018 and I couldn’t be more excited about your hand lettering journey!!! Let’s start the New Year off right with setting goals. I think it is extremely important to set goals when learning something new or you decide that you want to get better at something. Instead of trying to letter like blah blah blah hand lettering artist, let’s set some realistic hand lettering goals so that you aren’t going through the entire year feeling like you just can’t achieve the goals you set.

I’ll start with my hand lettering goals for 2018:

Goal 1: start posting regularly on this blog I pay for!

Goal 2: Practice more hand lettering styles.

Goal 3: Practice calligraphy more.

Goal 4: Post more hand lettering and calligraphy YouTube videos.

Goal 5: Facilitate more face-to-face Hand Lettering workshops.

There. I said it!!! I pray that I can do all of this. LOL!!! I encourage you to set realistic goals. If you are new to hand lettering, set a goal of lettering three times a week or getting your lettering to a point where you feel comfortable sharing your lettering on social media. If you have been lettering for a little while set a goal of learning a new lettering style or advancing to bigger brush pens. These goals will not only help you get better; they’re also realistic and achievable. By the end of the year you won’t feel like a failure because you didn’t sell your lettering to a big Fortune 500 company or letter like blah blah blah…you will have achieved your goals and more than likely surpass them.

Happy Lettering



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