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Lettering on Fabric!!!

Hey y’all! Last summer (I think?!?!) I had a blog post on organization. I had organized the space under my kitchen sink and added some lettering to the storage containers I used. This post is similar, but I am lettering on….fabric!!! Over the Christmas holiday, the amazing Amanda Arneill had a blog post on hand lettering on pillow cases. Now, I definitely loved that idea, but I wanted to showcase my lettering in a different way.

My father is an AMAZING carpenter!!! I mean…outstanding!!! Thee best around!!!  My parents live hundreds of miles away from me, so whenever they visit I have some project for my father to work on around my house. This past Christmas season my dad and I decided to organize my laundry room. Last summer I had to purchase a new washer and dryer (which really sucked…those things are ridiculously expensive!!!) and I knew that my laundry room needed to be just as fancy as the washer and dryer that I purchased.

So…dad came up with some amazing ideas on shelving in the laundry room. Like always, I jumped on Pinterest for some pinspiration and came across a pin with some fabric hamper bags hanging on the wall. I thought to myself…”that’s what we’re gonna do!!!” After staining wood, my dad installing custom shelving and about $40 on three hamper bags from Amazon…my laundry room looks like this. Now, I’m not showing you this to brag (LOL), I want to share with you how easy it was to letter on the fabric.

I went to good ole Hobby Lobby and picked up a pack of fabric markers. Yes, they actually sell these!!! They actually have a brush pen in the set which makes it that much easier – meaning I don’t have to double down on my down strokes.

For my bags, I used the fine tip and brush tip pens and a pencil and eraser.

I did use the pencil to outline the rectangle and to create a draft on the bag. I think that if you use a pencil and then have to erase, it may leave some sort of residue that you may not like on your fabric or maybe the pencil marks won’t come out even after a wash, but I knew I wasn’t going to wash my bags because they’re for dirty laundry (LOL!!!) so it wasn’t a big deal for me.

…there you have it!!! Three customized hand lettered hamper bags in my laundry room. Super affordable and super easy. It took me maybe 12 minutes to letter on each bag, but it was definitely worth it!!! I LOVED the way these bags came out!!! I can’t express how much I LOVE them!!! An easy way to showcase your own hand lettering in your home.

‘til next time…happy lettering!!!

Oh yeah…I plan on uploading a YouTube video on this process very soon…I’m actually editing the video after this post is up!!! Here is the link for the process video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/olUtW3sjQus



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