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Scripture Lettering

Hello everyone!!!

Just about every year one of my goals is to strengthen my relationship with God. I do this by ensuring that I attend church regularly, read a few spiritual books, etc…at the end of January of 2018, I decided to start scripture lettering. There are a few Instagram accounts that post scripture writing prompts every month, but I decided to letter the scripture instead of writing it. Not only do I spend a good 20 minutes in the Word (depending on how many verses are in that particular prompt), I also get to practice my lettering skills.

I LOVE pretty pens and paper (I think that’s clear) so I decided to keep all of my lettering organized. I was trying to figure out a way to do this because as you know, you have to use certain paper with brush pens; then I remembered that I had an old Traveler’s Notebook (TN) insert that I started using over a year ago to practice my lettering in my spare time. Of course, I ruined a perfectly good Tombow Fudenosuke pen but I had enough pages in that insert to start my scripture lettering in February without having to rush out and buy anything. The down side to that was it was a blank insert (no lines), so every couple of days I had to pull out my T-ruler and draw some lines. Which was okay, but I knew that there would be days I wouldn’t feel like doing this which in turn would more than likely irritate me and I wouldn’t letter the scripture that day. I ran to Hobby Lobby and found this super cute Carpe Diem TN for a whopping $7.25!!! I had to buy it. It came with two inserts…one lined and one blank.

I finished out my old Webster’s Pages blank insert and jumped right into the lined Carpe Diem TN insert. For my scripture lettering I use Pentel Sign Touch Pens – Flexible Tip. I’ve found that I can use these pens on a variety of paper types without ruining them. Not only are the pages in the TN inserts friendly to these pens, the colors of the Pentel Sign Touch Pens are very vibrant!!! I absolutely LOVE flipping through the pages to look at my lettering.

Here are a couple of pics from February in my old TN.

I add a date stamp with one of the few date stamps that I have and it is truly been great! I have been making a point of trying to do my scripture lettering first to get my dose in early in the morning ☺ If you are trying to find easy ways to letter daily, I think scripture lettering is a great way to practice.

Here are a couple of pics from my new TN.

’til next time!!! Happy lettering!!!



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