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Hand Lettering and Pantry Organization

Hey y’all!!! Have you ever started a project and realized that a year…or two has gone by and your project isn’t complete?!?! Welp…that’s exactly what happened to me and my pantry organization. It has taken me probably over a year, maybe almost two years to complete this project.

I don’t cook too often and I’m always on the go; so organizing my pantry hadn’t really been a priority of mine. I’m trying to be more diligent with spending habits and eating right so I decided that I was going to complete this project this summer!!! I have FINALLY completed it!!! Please excuse the angle. The pantry is long and narrow.

The feeling of accomplishment is AMAZING, but LOVING the outcome is a much better feeling! When I first started this project I knew that I wanted glass organization as well as baskets. I went to Hobby Lobby (HL) and got these glass canisters, lettered on them and I kinda forgot about my poor little pantry. I vaguely remember purchasing these baskets from Home Depot and Amazon and again…I forgot about my pantry. Needless to say, over time I have spent unnecessary money, made a meal and didn’t have the condiments I wanted/needed to complete it and I thought…this is enough!!!

I absolutely LOVE the way the it turned out!!! Everything is so organized and open. I know where everything is and it is so stinkin’ cute!!!

After purchasing the first set of Curver Knit baskets from Home Depot (I couldn’t find them on Home Depot’s website, but you can also get them from Amazon), I started finding them every week in Home Goods (yes…there are times when I am in Home Goods at least once a week). I picked up all the Curver Knit baskets I could find!!! I spray painted them silver so that the pantry could have a cohesive look. To ensure that nothing contaminated my food, I left the baskets in my garage for 48 hours and then cleaned them. I also did a little research on how to store various produce and I bought these wicker baskets from Home Goods as well. What I love about the baskets are that they are very sturdy, but they have some give to them. They are perfect for organizing a lot of medium to large size items. Perfect for a pantry. I purchased the large size.

Now on to the fun part…well…my favorite part!!! Hand lettering the tags!!! So…I think I have a slight obsessions with paper and tags…more specifically making my own tags with paper. I also LOVE black and white and florals. I went through my stash and picked out some black and white patterned paper that I liked and cut it down to size (the tags are 2.5″ x 6″).

To ensure that I could clearly see what was in each organizational bin/basket, I also punched out off white paper to letter on. I placed the off white tag on top of the patterned papers. I cut these down to 2″ x 5.75″.

To made the tags I with this tag punch from HL! It is AMAZING!!! I have been making tags non-stop since I purchase it!

Then, I lettered all of my tags! Because my bins are gray, I used a gray Tombow Dual Brush pen to letter. I love the way it turned out!!! I tried to use the Tombow Fudensuke Hard Tip, but the print wasn’t large enough and the lettering didn’t stand out so I went with the Tombow Dual Brush Pen.

I also purchased this 3-tier cabinet spice rack from Amazon for my mason jars. Sometimes I try to be extremely healthy and I’ll eat salads for a meal. I love having nuts and dried fruits in my salad and I use mason jars to store them. I will more than likely letter on the jars (once there’s actually something in them LOL!!!) or add more tags in the future.

To attach the tags to the baskets as well as the shelf for the distilled water, I used this black and white twine I purchased from HL.

I hope that this post inspires you to get into your pantry and organize it. I am one of those persons who uses things more when I like the way it looks. I know that sounds really crazy, but when things are organized and pretty – I use it more. I LOVE the way my pantry turned out!!! It has inspired me to dive back into meal planning.

Here are some close ups of the baskets and tags!

’til next time! xoxo, Robyn

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    Portia Parish
    July 22, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    Girl that pantry looks amazing! Please don’t open the door to mine….lol. Glad you completed it πŸ™‚

    • Reply
      Robyn Jackson
      July 22, 2019 at 9:53 pm

      Thank you 😘😘😘 Girl…the struggle was real!!! It took me a long time to finish it, but it really only took a few hours once I restarted the process.

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