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Chic Geeks – Rose Gold MacBook Pro Case Review

Hey pretty girl!!! I have a real cute, chic accessory to share with you. Not a piece of jewelry or a handbag…well…you may consider it a piece of jewelry for your MacBook 😉

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So…I am kinda techie. By techie I mean I “like” technology and I always try to have the latest technology because honestly, it performs better. I purchase my first Apple product in 2008 when I started my MBA program and I haven’t turned back!!! All of my technology is Apple brand. Their products are amazing. They have AMAZING customer service and their products…IMO (in my opinion) are very pretty to look at. You can dress them up and make them super cute.

I have purchased cases/covers for all of my MacBooks in the past (I think I’m on my third one), but this case by Chic Geeks has been the BEST case I’ve used to date!

First and foremost, their cases are super pretty and they have a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from! I’m a girly girl…and although black is my fave color, I decided to go with a rose gold glitter case for my MacBook!

I absolutely LOVE it!!! It came beautifully packaged (which is important to me…is it only me or do you care about packaging too?!) and it came with instructions which were easy to use and easy on the eyes.

The case is very sturdy. It won’t crack unless you’re very hard on it. It’s hard yet a little flexible at the same time. The top part of the case (rose gold glitter for me) snaps on perfectly! You can see three small clamp-like snaps at the top so that it securely snaps into place. There are two indentations (one on either side) to help you remove the top part of the case if you need to. There is also and opening for the apple logo on your MacBook.

The bottom of the case (which your MacBook will sit in) has four small clamp-like things (one on either side and two at the front of your MacBook) to easily snap on to the bottom of your MacBook at to secure it. It comes in this black matte material. It’s not shiny at all and the feel is very luxe. It has four little feet to elevate the MacBook to keep it even and help with ease of typing. It also has cutouts for all of your charging ports.

Everywhere I carry my MacBook, people tell me how “cute” the case is!!! And they’re right…it’s super cute!!! I love pulling it out of my bag and placing it on the table…I feel tres chic 😉

Hop on over to Chic Geeks and order one for yourself! You won’t regret it! I hear they are coming out with new products for other techie products soon…I’m so excited!!!

’til next time!

xoxo, Robyn

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