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Modern Calligraphy 101 – YT Series – Supplies You Will Need!

Hey pretty girl! Welcome back to the blog! Lately, my blog posts have been centered around my spring garden, but I couldn’t stay away from the reason why I started pearlfectlylettered.com in the first place – hand lettering and calligraphy!

Today’s post is all about the calligraphy supplies you’ll need in preparation for my free Modern Calligraphy 101 – The Basics YouTube Video Series. I originally planned on launching this as a course on pearlfectlylettered.com, but due to COVID-19 and the fact that a lot of us are sheltering in place and spending a lot more time at home I decided to upload the videos on my YouTube Channel for FREE!!!

Let me start by telling you that I am NOT an expert in calligraphy. I have taken a couple of calligraphy courses and they have been great! I haven’t had much time to practice my calligraphy over the past couple of years, but I still absolutely LOVE it!

Modern Calligraphy 101 is just that – modern calligraphy. There are no rules. Well…there are some rules, but the tips and techniques that I’ve learned will be shared in the video series.

Let’s get to the fun part! These are the supplies you’ll need for the YT series! I purchase all of my nibs, ink and pen holders from an online store called Paper and Ink Arts. They actually have a brick and mortar store in Nashville, TN, but I’ve only ordered from them online. Shipping is reasonably priced and really quick.

My favorite nib, is the Hunt 101 nib. It’s very easy to use and the price point can’t be beat. You can purchase the nib of your choice, but if you want to try the Hunt 101 (which I suggest) you can find the Hunt 101 nib here: https://www.paperinkarts.com/hnt101.html

My favorite ink is Sumi black ink. The black ink is so pigmented and rich! You can purchase any color ink you’d like, but I suggest you start with a black ink. If your ink comes in a container like the one below, you don’t need a container for your ink…but if your ink comes in a larger container you will need something to put your ink in. You can get a small jar from an arts and crafts store or you can probably find something in your home. You can find Sumi black ink here: https://www.paperinkarts.com/kursum.html

You can find pen holders at various price points. Prices for pen holders range anywhere between $1.99 – $100’s!!! You can get straight pen holders or oblique pen holders. They say that oblique pen holders are for right handed people like myself. I’ve used both and I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed a difference. I have found the perfect combination pen holder. It can be used as a straight pen holder or an oblique pen holder. You can find it here: https://www.paperinkarts.com/mobliq.html

For the purposes of the free YT video series, the paper the you need is inexpensive. You can get it from Amazon! HP Premium Choice Laser Jet Paper can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/HP-Printer-Paper-Premium32-Letter/dp/B000099O2W/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1U2WZRDJU6CV4&dchild=1&keywords=hp+premium+choice+laserjet+paper+32+lb&qid=1589298629&sprefix=hp+premium+%2Caps%2C528&sr=8-2

You will also need some guides to follow along with the Modern Calligraphy 101 – The Basics YT Series. These were created by me! If it seems like I’m excited about this…it’s because I am!!! I created this handbook about two years ago and to finally have it available makes me so happy!!! Make sure that you print the handbook out on this paper for all sessions. You can find the the handbook here: https://pearlfectlylettered.com/product/modern-calligraphy-101-the-basics-handbook/

You’ll also need paper towel or a little cloth to clean your nib after use.

Thank you for coming back to the blog! I hope to see you in the Modern Calligraphy 101 – The Basic YouTube Video Series! Blog post coming soon with the playlist!

’til next time! xoxo, Robyn

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    May 17, 2020 at 2:36 am

    Iā€™m so excited for this!! And thanks girl for the FREE, FREE!! I will definitely tune in and share! šŸ’œšŸ’œšŸ’œ

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      Robyn Jackson
      May 17, 2020 at 7:18 pm

      Yay!!!! Awesome!!! I hope it helps!!!

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    May 17, 2020 at 2:42 am

    Thanks for the information. I look forward to your class.

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      Robyn Jackson
      May 17, 2020 at 7:18 pm

      You are welcome!!! I hope it helps!!!

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