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What I’m Sowing in My 2021 Garden?

Hello everyone!!! Happy New Year!!! I know it’s March, but this is the first post on the blog for 2021!!! In today’s post I am sharing what I am sowing in my garden for 2021.

Before I share the list of everything I am sowing, let me just share that I am loving gardening!!! It has become my new obsessions! I love the time that I spend outside and it is just so satisfying to harvest fruit!

In 2021 I will be sowing the following seeds:

That’s all I’m planning to sow this year, but I’ll keep you posted if anything changes! What are you planning to sow in your garden this year? Are we sowing some of the same seeds?!?! Let me know if the comments!!!

’til next time!

xoxo, Robyn

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